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We guarantee high quality Tours

We offer over 2,500 different  shore excursions to meet all your needs and desires. You can discover the most exciting and beautiful destinations to experience the most unforgettable moments.
Great reasons to choose Costa Tours!


Enter your booking number and your surname to access MyCosta. Customize your holiday with excursions, drink packages, wellness packages, photos and gifts with the Costa logo, surprise parties and much more.

You can book packages and services in advance and pay for them when you are on board.

In addition you will also find all you need to simplify embarkation formalities: you can check-in online, print your cruise ticket, find a map to reach your port of embarkation, and you can also activate Premium discount.

… and that is not all. On MyCosta you will also find a calendar planner with an up to date schedule of all your bookings.


Tranquility and relaxation

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  • you can plan everything before you go, in order to really enjoy every moment during your holiday
  • you can change your choices up until a few days before the departure date
  • you can prebook in advance and pay at the end of your cruise
  • tickets are delivered to your cabin


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    • guaranteed place on the shore excursions (Costa Tours!)
    • you can save MyCosta reservations via your digital agenda


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    • fixed price
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